The Florida Everglades

You are about to learn about our mysterious and unique environment.  We have something for everyone.  We are surrounded by reserves and national parks, we have some of the best fishing, we have access to the 10,000 islands, we have airboat tours, we have some of the most amazing birds ever watched, and we definitely have beautiful sunsets every night.

You name it, we probably can direct you to it.   In these pages we have chamber members who can offer you accommodations, dining, tours, guides, fishing, etc.  All the amenities you need to make your Everglades adventure a lasting memory!



The first written record of the Everglades was on Spanish maps.  They named the Everglades “Laguna del Espiritu Santo” (Lake of the Holy Spirit).  Mapped by the British in 1773, the area was named River Glades.  The Seminoles called it Pa-hay-okee, meaning “Grassy Water.”

Marjory Stoneman Douglas called it the River of Grass, for the sawgrass marshes which make up a large part of the Everglades.


The Everglades are not just mangroves and sawgrass.  There are egrets, curlew, alligators, snakes, manatee, bears, and eagles just to name a few.


The fishing is great in the 10,000 Islands and the gulf waters around the Everglades.  You might want to hire a guide for your fishing needs as the mangroves can all look the same.